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Bunni: How we first met Bunni: How we first met

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Huge Potential

I loved it, and even though it is in beta it is already top notch for internet gaming. 5/5 and a 9/10 for the perfection that is still coming. However I'll put 10/10 officially because this deserves it more than other games here.
I can't wait to see whats coming and here are some suggestions to maybe help you out. By the way, any suggestion I offer is not a demand, it's your game and not mine =)
Map - At first you have no idea where to put stuff making it hard to be efficient and when you do start to understand, making a good looking and efficient map is even harder. Especially when a bomb is your only redo. So I suggest in the tutorial that you offer placement spots that look nice and work mildly well instead of instant free choice. But one can choose to skip the tutorial if they know the game. With building replacement, bombing is a little sketchy so maybe you can choose to uproot or burn forests, collapse hills, and transport buildings via truck or something for a cost instead of annihilating half your island. Next - When a player runs out of land you have an urge to keep expanding so if can pay to create more land wherever that would be sweet but first you have to wait for it as it grows or some device charges (maybe even a happy volcano) and pay a hefty fee. Next - I like the idea of starting out on a small island but if you started out zoomed in and not even being able to see the ocean then as your settlement grows the camera zooms out but you Bunni stays the same size. This would add to the accomplishment the player feels and add some detail as well. I would love that but that may not be the direction you want to go.
Difficulty - I think that the game needs to be way more difficult or or moreso have way more challenges other than deer. When I played they were never much of a threat and mainly just a nuisance because I had to bomb my settlement, however if the enemy was mean enough any player would have no problem bombing him. As for monsters, you may not have the gems to pay or if you do they are of no consequence(I actually started just selling them) The existence of other settlements would also be cool, for example, Barbarian Deer Settlements, a Deer City along with Deer King, and a hidden Monster Town in the forest you can tame with love and then overthrow the deer together. (Btw the love and cuteness theme really work well). Similar stuff could be done with Pirates and you could even have mini-games for battles and finding treasure or taking a ship to another island. - Speaking of expansion, you could eventually take ships away from your first Island or cluster on move on to different levels with more character interactions, and even pay for convoys to ship some goods out from your previous islands or to find you can go back and unlock more adventures/land etc.
Story/ Character Interaction/ Dialogue - I think you could probably expand most on the story, so far there is only cuteness and with the women it is just about buying them more things and doesn't really follow up with a true love theme. I can sense the humor but it can be placed elsewhere to enhance but not take away from the main plot. Like with the Bunni you marry, there was no love, only gifts. Even something as cliche as a kidnapping would enhance things alot, or some blushing when you first meet, with dialogue inferring excitement each time you meet again.
Now for Sidenotes - The Dance, however humorous, kind of takes away from pg gamers being able to play which would be a big audience for you.
- Orchards, get absolutely massive (I covered pirate island), so I would just suggest that the game moves on before they get that big.
- If you like the difficulty suggestions, you could offer just a free play mode for those who don't want conflict (a smaller audience than those who do but still an audience).
- Stats, make them more obvious (trees, bunnies etc.)
- Selling, it could be easier

I am out of room now lol, but with some polish this could be PlaystationNetwork material.
If you need a writer/design, e-mail me,

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It's Pong! It's Pong!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice and Solid

Good Job AF. It's simple but it's just Pong anyways. Everything was well done and your collision detection is perfect :D . You can't say that to a lot of people. There are a few things you could add though, starting with a larger music selection (maybe Trance) and some difficulty levels. I really look forward to more submissions in the future.

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AcidicFlame responds:

Woot! Yeah, the collision detection took some work, but I think it turned out OK. Thank you for the criticism, my next project will have better music and more difficulty settings. :D

Do Stuff! Do Stuff!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Uhh.. parts of it didn't work

A bit of a tutorial and a menu would help, no offense intended, but a bit better music and the worst part of all was when you get the part where it says go to work, nothing happens and you lose. I would upgrade this before submitting to Rockout.

MercuryLime responds:

On "go to work", there should be an arrow pointing right that signifies you need to press the right arrow key. It goes away after you press it five times. Did nothing really show up?

Transmigration Transmigration

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really liked it but...

After I figured out to could actually shoot there is really was no way to get hit. Is there a certain way you fire (ex. with timing) to get extra points or what? Maybe a tutorial would help. I think you need to work on the game aspect a bit, but everything else was awesome, keep up the good work.

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Unknown. Unknown.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really Sweet, but with some things you could tweek

The style and graphics are really sweet, but the only two things that bothered me was the game over guy, who gave me a headache and and you can't try a song lose then go straight to the song menu, just little things but other than that well done. Good luck in the rock out contest.

itsjms responds:

Thanks alot. This was truly hard worked on.

Ongaku Ongaku

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite a good and innovative game

I filled out the help sheet in the Ongaku shop but there was not enough room to finish. 1- When you die it is really annoying to have to watch Ongaku explode, and you could make a better animation of it exploding as well. 2- Some music was really good and other stuff was horribly annoying, the chime was great though. 3- The lines coming from the wand weren't very smooth. 4- The style could really be improved by some nice designs and colors like something similar to the new coke things, but not as crazy or even a retro feel stylized nicely.
Good Luck on a second one and just make sure if you go for a real console to tighten and polish everything to the extreme, keep up the innovation and you should go far.

Invasion 3 Invasion 3

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It has promise but needs alot of work

I was really looking forward to the game but once I started playing it I was sadly disappointed. 1- The tutorial was a little lacking although it was easy enough to figure out. 2- The first bunch of times I played it I couldn't even get past the first level! I was trying to use some good strategy but in the end you have to be cheap, (ex. creating a huge amount of upgraded infantry or archers only) you own the castles and it's not really fun to play. 3- The scenery really needs to change once in a while, I mean it's looped enough with the same strategies. 4- Instead of the castle just having one more cheap archer every level and some water bucket thing, try and change it up a little. I mean you could even make the maps with different paths to the castle, you could add enemy units in the field, and you could specialize the units (ex. a ram can break a hole in the castle and the infantry can enter, you could add an infantry mini-game and lost of other stuff, I mean you would have to do some optimizing but it looks like you didn't in this one anyway. And just so you know I'm not attacking you or your game, I love defense games and can see this being awesome, you just need to work on it. I truly look forward to number 4.

-AsteRock- -AsteRock-

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good Flash, Bad Game

Everything was pretty well done, but game play was really annoying, even the menu was annoying

Air Defence 3!! Air Defence 3!!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Overall Game

This game was quite good and I enjoyed playing it. I have some suggestions though. 1 - have some more variation with enemies (ex. color and other details) 2 - have more building options and upgrades, because its gets boring when you have a crapload of money and can only increase tower health. Last but not least 3 - make the player get more involved, once you fully upgrade your units you dont even have to watch the game just check in and repair or buy new units every so often (which I am doing as I right this) I look forward to a new one

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